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environment friendly
Iran Avandfar company
Inspired by nature
سیب سلامت

Production unit

In all production processes, it has always been tried to produce products which have their high qualities rooted in nature. To achieve this objective, plant extracts, essential oils and fruits with appropriate properties have been used to formulate the best range of products.

Reprocessing / wastewater treatment plant

One of the main principles in the development of pharmaceutical, hygienic and personal care industries, is improved usage and application of resources and in this respect, the top management team in Iran Avandfar company, has included waste management and in particular, wastewater treatment amongst its top priorities and major targets and hence, the increase in plantation and creation of more green space by using the discharge of its wastewater treatment plant, for irrigation of plants and trees within its boundary as well as the industrial city where it is located, in its agenda and plan of action of top management.

The wastewater treatment plant in Iran Avandfar company consists of various units such as septic storage tanks, screening, chemical storage ponds, aging, biological sludge treatment, filtering and etc.

At the end of the treatment, treated water passes as sand filters and active carbon beds where any smell, color, and taste will be checked in order to be used for irrigation of arable lands or injection to the absorption wells, hence returning to the environment.

Since 1394, an online monitoring system has been installed in this plant by which, instantaneous reports of the water quality are sent to the department of environment in Alborz province.

Improved consumption of energy

Steps taken by Iran Avandfar company with respect to a better usage of energy and other resources include:

 The use of drive inverter and soft start for all electromotors in order to reduce the electricity consumption as well as prevention of damage to the national grid.


 The re-use of water discharge from the water treatment and RO (Reverse Osmosis) units for irrigation and cleaning of the premises including washbasins and toilets.


 Application of more than 10 electrical lift-truck with rechargeable batteries in order to reduce the level of air pollution and consumption of fossil fuel.


To devise and to use documented programmers and procedures for conservation of all forms of energies, i.e. water, gas, and electricity.