Pharmaceutical plant quality control laboratory

With the support of a team of well-qualified personnel and modern laboratory equipment and instruments, the quality controls of all medical products are performed according to the QC procedures and international standards. In addition to quality control, the safety and efficacy of all products are continually checked and validated.

This laboratory has 3 sections: the physicochemical, microbiological, and in-process laboratories. In total, 17 people with Ph.D. in pharmacology, master’s and bachelor’s degrees in chemistry and microbiology are working in these laboratories.


Activities of pharmaceutical Quality Control Laboratory


Quality and safety control of raw material and excipients

trade (2)

Quality and safety control of packaging materials


Quality and safety control of semi-finished products


Control and quality approval of finished products

quality-assurance (1)

Calibration and verification of equipment and measuring instruments


Periodical quality control of products in the market


Quality control of process water


Documentation as required by authoritie


Quality control of environmental elements in production sites


Validation of all analytical methods and updating all documentation based on the latest version and editions of standards in USE

Quality control of raw materials and finished products are performed according to validated procedures derived from pharmaceutical references such as ‘BP’, ‘EP’ and ‘USP’, also in some cases in-house methods which have been validated in the physiochemical analytical laboratory.

The microbiology laboratory, controls the environmental parameters of production site, as well as the microbial quality of process water and all materials used in IPQC or in-process quality control laboratory supervises all sections of production line to make sure GMP requirements are met from start to finish, that is, from weighing ingredients to packaging process at the end of the line.

Research and development Laboratory of pharmaceutical plant

The R&D section of the pharmaceutical plant in Iran Avandfar company with an emphasis on efforts of its experts has succeeded in the design of 40 products in various types such as cream, pomade, local gels, medical shampoos, solutions for local applications, nasal sprays, rectal and vaginal suppositories, and also cosmetic (pharmaceutical cosmeceuticals). Also, more products are under consideration. In order to achieve its objectives, the following activities are systematically performed in the R&D section.

– Research and thorough studies in tandem with current projects

– Evaluation of similar products in local and international markets for the purpose of reverse engineering

– Production of new products with the new formulation in laboratory scale and evaluation of their efficacy and application results.

– Stability studies based on approved protocols performed on selected formulations and evaluation of results.

– To prepare and select the final and confirmed formulation for a finished product, to devise production procedure for any new product on an industrial scale.

– To participate in scale -up stage and production of the first batch of any product in industrial scale.

R&D section targets and objectives

To increase the level of self sufficiency

Knowledge management for the purpose of improving production procedure and products varieties

To produce new products and to improve the quality of existing products

List of equipment and instruments: 






Suppository hardness measurement (instrument)


Suppository softening time measuring (instrument)


Suppository release time measurement


Homogenizer mixer in laboratory scale with variable RPM


PH meter




Roll mill


Laboratory scale incubators (2 units)


Scales with 4-digits sensitivity


Scales with 2-digits sensitivity