Iran Avandfar Company over time



Company foundation

Foundation of Iran Avandfar company with initial capital of 3,000,000 RLs and with limited responsibilities

1983 image

Start of Activities

The start of company activities with production of 2 types of products in 700 m2 space, located in a car park


New factory

  • Building of a new factory with 6500 m2 land in the the industrial city of Simin Dasht in Alborz province

  • Installation of new machinery

  • Widening the range of products

  • Building of new storage facilities in 12000 m2 land

1997 image

Changing the type of the company

Change in the statues of the company from a limited company to joint private stock (JPS)


ISO certificate

Granting ISO certificate for all the products of the company

2008 image

IMS certificate

Integrated Management System (IMS) certificate comprising ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001


Collaboration with reference laboratory of Standards Organization of Iran

Collaboration with reference laboratory of Standards Organization of Iran as a partner laboratory

2010 image

Obtaining trophies

Obtaining trophies and licenses industrial trophy from the ministry of industry and mine

Granting Industry veteran and achievement trophy from industrial mine organization of Alborz province

Obtaining license for production of pharmaceutical products and establishment of pharmaceutical section within the site

Obtaining license for production of semi-solid group of pharmaceutical products solutions and other related products

Obtaining license and permit to established and credited laboratory from food and drug administration officiated to the ministry of health treatment and medical training of Iran


wastewater treatment plant

Installation of wastewater treatment plant

2015 image

distribution company

Distribution network establishment of a nation wide distribution company, Behdasht Salamat Avandfar

Distribution of products to all parts of the country with its extensive transport

Distribution of pharmaceutical, cosmetic and hygienic products to pharmacies all over the country


CRM certificates

Obtaining international CRM certificates, ISO/TS 10002:2014 and ISO/TS 10004:2012

2018 image

Second phase of activities of pharmaceutical plant production

Second phase of activities of pharmaceutical plant production of suppository range of products and related items

Addition of new storage facilities to an extent of 25000 m2