Iran Avandfar vision

A dynamic company always ready to learn in accordance with international standards for improvement of the quality of products and management systems with support of experienced human resource knowledge modern and up-to-date equipment in order to increase the range of its products


Introduction of Iran Avandfar as a brand of pharmaceutical cosmetic and hygienic products


A customer oriented company with truthful customers


To assist improvement processes of community health


To enter the world market with the support of quality product products

Iran Avandfar mission

Our company’s mission is to design and  produce and manufacture pharmaceutical cosmetic and hygienic products in accordance with local regulations and international regulations to the extent that our fellow country men will be reluctant to use ferns brands and to include our products injure routine purchasing basket


Motivating the personnel

 Motivating the staff as the main funds of the company



Paternal management and family-oriented view on the personnel



Special attention to meritocracy



Inner promotion

IMS policy

This company was established in 1359 in order to produce cosmetic and hygienic products with the benefit of technical knowledge and up-to-date machineries it has been made possible to produce high-quality products according to the need of our society management way of thinking and also the personnel of this company based :on the following principles


Efforts are made to satisfy customers through provision of their needs and reasonable expectations from company.


It is mandatory to observe certain rules and regulation according to the food and drug administration of Iran and as such this company observes meticulously all these rules and regulations.

Social responsibilities

Active participation in social understanding and commitments

Mutual respect

To pay attention to needs and expectations of interested parties

Dynamic design of products

To design new products based on the needs and requests of customers to increase product range with the consternation life cycle in the environment

Consumer and customer's voice

To pay particular attention to consumer’s voice and response in the shortest possible time with respect to international standard ISO/TS 10002:2014 and ISO/TS 10004:2012

Improvement the level of competency and knowledge

Improving the level of competency and knowledge of the personal by participation in teaching seminars workshops and resting exhibitions and advanced conferences also to inclement the knowledge management principles


Prevention of environmental pollution with the help of suitable raw materials for packaging which are all by degradable application of new sources of energy for reduced production of fossil fuel consumption special and attention is also paid .to safety issued in work place

Organizational values


Development of learning or teaching culture

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Communication with customers


Continuous planning for improvement in productivity and organization on betterment


Practical beliefs in the environment protection

employees (1)

Especial attention to personnel and human resources