R&D laboratory in semi-solid products plant

In tandem with competition and motivation for survival in various branches of industry, application of knowledge and innovation in production of new products or what is these days called, the NPD or new products development has turned into a vital necessity for companies in general.

R&D is one of the fundamental parts of manufacturing companies. Standardization and production at the national and international levels, continuous monitoring of market place locally as well as internationally, and also provision of necessary science and technology in association with progress made in science and technology which is there will of top management is part of activities of this section of Iran Avandfar company.

R&D section of semi-solid products plant, with benefits taken from knowledge and innovations as well as advanced technology in the world, also with application of new and often organic raw material conducts the processes for production of non-aqueous products (including creams lotions, toothpastes, gels, etc.) and also improvement in the quality of existing products and in parallel with the advancement of top management wishes and desires, take the essential and the necessary steps comer in this respect.

Scope of activities


Optimizing product quality and increasing the product portfolio by identifying new raw materials related to health products.


Design the formulation of the latest new health products


Increase satisfaction by continuously improving the quality of health products


Strong participation in learning process in the company

Deionized water analysis (TDS measurement and CL- and pH measurements)

Establish a close connection with the most reputable foreign chemical companies

Liaison with foreign companies producing cosmetic ingredients

Avoid using harmful substances for the skin and hair

Using the latest formulations in the production of quality products

Some product analyzes during production (including pH measurements and surfactants in cosmetics and pus emulsifying power, etc.)

Research and research in order to use the most appropriate materials in the formulation of skin and hair care products

Formulation and preparation of new cosmetic products according to the health needs of the community

Semi-Solids Unit Research and Development Laboratory

Today, with increasing competition and motivation to survive in various industries, the use of knowledge and innovation in the manufacture and production of new products has become a vital issue for companies. Research and development is one of the most important pillars of development of production units. Standardization of actions and products at national and international level, accurate and continuous monitoring of domestic and foreign markets, as well as scientific and technological nutrition of the company in line with the progress of science and knowledge and management demands are among the actions of this unit.

Semi-solid research and development department of Iran Avandfar Company also uses the knowledge and innovations of the world’s top formulations and technologies as well as the use of mostly organic and herbal raw materials in the process of designing and manufacturing non-organic cosmetics (including creams, lotions And toothpaste and gels, etc.) as well as improving the quality of the company’s current products and taking steps to meet the management goals and requirements as much as possible.

  • Strong participation in learning process in the company
  • Improvement in productivity of company's work force
  • Increase in competition potentials in local and international scenes and strong and active presence in international markets
  • Increase in the level of self-sufficiency
  • Analysis of current plans from practically and importance
  • Research to reduce production waste and find smart solutions to reduce production costs
  • Improvement in market share in the light of the new product design annually
  • Increase in products range, with identification of new raw materials related to products, also realization of opportunities and needs of the intended market
  • Increase in the level of customer satisfaction as a result of quality improvement and to give appropriate response to consumers’ needs and the betterment of consumer’s welfare in society
  • Improvement in public knowledge by preparing SDS of the finished products
  • Innovation for NPD and improvements in process conditions
  • Improvement in quick response to society's needs
  • Processing of raw materials to the finished product
  • Control of delivery of the number and programs specified for the research unit in terms of quality and quantity at a specified time according to the nominal capacity defined to the production and quality control unit
  • Identify all safety and health issues, identify and evaluate quality risks according to these instructions
  • Identify all regulations and instructions and methods of implementing the environment, identify the obvious and invisible aspects
  • Supervise proper sampling and prevent material from spilling into the water
  • Conducting developmental and applied research
  • Attract, adapt, modify, innovate and develop new technology
  • Optimize existing processes with an emphasis on upgrading the level of automation
  • Development of products based on quality criteria
  • Designing new products with regard to its practical advantages
  • Request to check the packaging machinery required for construction by the technical unit
  • Supervise the environment of the research laboratory
  • Develop and implement strategic and operational plans
  • Summarizing and utilizing scientific resources to apply the latest scientific methods in the process
  • Implement functional applications
  • Review products on the market and plan for research
  • Review the schedule, timing and prioritization of new product research
  • Request raw materials to start prototyping
  • Coordinating with the business unit to receive raw materials
  • Research on market raw materials and competitors' product information
  • Obtaining a certificate of appreciation from the top research and development center of the country from the 7th Festival of Industry, Mining and Trade in 1397 and a sample product for analgesic cream (Icy Hot)
  • Selection of the company's R&D manager as the top researcher in 2006
  • Obtaining a gold medal for research and development of the Ministry of Industries and Mines in 2006
  • Selected R&D unit for the production of Dr. Jila OilFree sunscreen in 2004
  • R&D selected unit for the production of deciduous tooth gel in 2003