Technical and engineering department

Objectives and targets of this department include continued implementation of preventive maintenance and repair programs readiness to tackle problems which incidents and the necessary repairs, prevention of environment pollution, by benefiting from sustainable machineries, reduction in water consumption fossil fuels electricity and improvement the level of knowledge in the department by highly qualified and experienced at hand as instructors

Department's activities

Energy consumption management

Maximum application of machines and equipment with lowest energy consumption characteristics category application of water usage and prevention of any wastewater treated from being wasted and to use this water for irrigation of plants in company side and industrial zone where the factories located

Activities related to share parts and repairs

To perform all necessary repairs for production units in manufacturing and packaging as well as technical and engineering, also improvement in the level of automation internally in the absence of foreign renowned and important suppliers

Design and manufacturing of machinery

Design and manufacturing of all necessary machinery in production and packaging and technical departments and other units with reverse engineering techniques and design from base with the available knowledge

Co-ordinate activities

To Comprehend company’s quality policy and and to co-ordinate departments activities in relation to it.

planning for better performance

Planning for better performance by work force and planning for all the other related activities of this department in accordance with company’s quality policy

Train and educate the staff

To train and to educate the staff regulatory

Water disinfection

In water disinfection process, water area is first injected with air known amount of chlorine, buy a dosing pump after this infection and passing through activated carbon column in order to remove the excess amount of chlorine, it’s improved via load is checked and if acceptable water undergoes reverse. For all processes in the factory, it is stored in stainless steel tanks ready to be used for production of all pharmaceutical cosmetic, .hygienic products

Reverse osmosis is a process whereby water passes through a very thin and fine wraps on a cylinder device for the pore size of a fine field composite is 10 micro. This thin layer acts as a strain camera moving all product pollution existing inverter, bacteria salt and other dissolved solids in water.