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Iran Avandfar Company was established by Manouchehr Soltani Hoseini.

Iran Avandfar Company is one of the largest manufacturers of pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and detergent products in the country, which was established in 1980.
This company started its activity with the new management in 1983 with the production of 2 types of products and due to the rapid expansion of the company’s activity, since 1993, Iran Avandfar factory first moved to a land with an area of ​​6500 square meters located in Simindasht Karaj. Then, it was expanded to 15000 square meters. Due to the increase in the volume of products, new warehouses with an approximate area of ​​25,000 square meters were added to the complex.

Currently, Iran Avandfar Company annually produces about 12,000 tons of products, including various types of head and body shampoos, dishwashing liquids, fabric softeners, hair conditioners, as well as about 1700 tons of creams, lotions, hair gels, toothpaste, and tooth gels. The company’s cosmetics products include a total of about 560 different products.

Iran Avandfar Company is one of the first Iranian companies that has succeeded in obtaining the certificate of quality management system, ISO 9000 model in cosmetics and detergent industries for the production of shampoos and dishwashing liquid. This certificate has been upgraded to ISO 9001 certificate of 2000 edition for all products of the company in December 2003.
Iran Avandfar Company obtained the Integrated Management System (.IMS) certification, which includes ISO 9001-2015, ISO 10002-2014, ISO 10004-2012, ISO 14001-2015, ISO 45001-2018, ISO 10668, ISO 17025 and GMP certification. In addition, it obtained international certificates for handling customer complaints and reviewing customer satisfaction, including ISO / TS 10002: 2014 and ISO / TS 10004: 2012 in 1396.

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