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organizational courses according to the company's goals




Iran Avandfar Company organizes training courses at all levels and at specific times in order to update the employees’ knowledge,, and through this, transfers the necessary training to the employees. The training unit takes the necessary actions to design and hold related courses based on the existing regulations and instructions, and each training course is monitored and applied in accordance with the regulations.

Total time of courses held in the last 4 years


  • Fire fighting
  • Safe working with lift trucks
  • Work with Labeling machine
  • Work with jet-print
  • Work with SOLLAS equipment
  • Work with capping and sorting machines
  • Ergonomics
  • evaluation of harmful effects during the work according to mandatory regulation of Ministry of health for workplace
  • R&D management
  • Storage and work hosting
  • First aid training

  • HSE
  • Accidents resulting from the work of managers and supervisors
  • Work with UNIVERSAL
  • Work with filling and shrink machines
  • Work with packing machine
  • Ergonomics of lifting and carrying
  • ISO 17025 internal audit course
  • ISO 18001 internal audit course
  • Covid-19 awareness course

  • Microbial test in microbial unit
  • Safety and harness of load, intended for heavy vehicles
  • Work with Labeling machine
  • General hygiene course
  • Strategic management
  • Stewardess and ceremonies for non-technical staff
  • Statistical quality control and Minitab software application
  • Measurement requirements and personal protective equipment
  • GMP Regulations
  • Addiction awareness and prevention of narcotics