Iran Avandfar Company increased the production of hand sanitizer gels in order to achieve its lofty goals and fulfill its social responsibilities in the field of combating coronavirus immediately after the outbreak of the virus in the country and the strong need for disinfectants and lack of public access to disinfectant solutions and gels. Then this company began to produce hand sanitizer solutions, and after the spread of Corona virus throughout the country and huge shortage of disinfectant solutions in the country, the production lines of disinfectant solutions and gels continued to work during the holidays of Nowrooz 1399. In that time, the working hours of the production units continued for 24 hours a day. Since then, the company has always continued the activities of the relevant production units in order to meet the public needs to access solutions and gels for hand disinfection.

Do you know that using hand sanitizers reduces the risk of infection by Corona virus by more than 95 percent???